Reviewing our pay and terms and conditions

We are currently undertaking a review of our pay structure and terms and conditions.

As part of our commitment to continue being an employer of choice, this review will ensure that our pay and terms and conditions are relevant to future working practices.

The review will:

  • make it easier for colleagues to identify where their job fits in the organisation
  • make progression routes across the organisation clearer
  • ensure the pay structure is flexible and that terms and conditions best reflect the organisation now and in the future
  • introduce a performance management scheme that focuses on regular and meaningful performance and development conversations.

The changes introduced as a result of this review will impact all NJC (Green Book) employees and senior managers - that's the majority of employees in main council departments.


Future Workforce changes

  • Sick pay – from 1 Nov 2021, we changed sick pay entitlement. We brought this change in early, ahead of the other planned Future Workforce changes, to benefit employees over winter 2021/22, linked to COVID. Our sick pay policy is now to pay the first 2 days sickness in each period of sickness, whereas before this was deducted. Long term sickness pay also increased from 4 months full pay and 4 months half pay, to a maximum of 6 months’ full pay and 6 months’ half pay, dependent on Local Government service. All employees after 1 Nov 2021 are entitled to occupational sick pay from the first day of employment. Previously, new starters were only entitled to Statutory Sick Pay for the first 6 months of employment.


Upcoming changes

  • Salary – we have reviewed and updated existing pay structure and salaries as part of the Future Workforce programme. This is to ensure that the council’s employment offer is relevant and fit for the future, with a flexible and responsive pay structure. The new pay structure aligns with the new job family framework, and has resulted in either an increase or decrease in salary for some roles. If your pay decreases as a result of the Future Workforce project, your pay will be protected for 2 years, until 1 October 2024. These changes will come into effect from 1 October 2022.
  • Pay protection – from Oct 2022, pay protection (meaning your pay is frozen at your current rate following a reduction to your salary) will apply for 1 year instead of 2 years. We commit to provide colleagues on pay protection with specialist support to review options, which could include priority for retraining or redeployment where preferable and feasible. If your pay decreases as a direct result of the Future Workforce programme, the current 2 year pay protection policy will apply.
  • Redundancy pay – weekly redundancy pay will be increased from the statutory rate, currently £544, to a weekly minimum of £660.
  • Annual leave protection – current annual leave entitlements are based on pay grade. When annual leave entitlements are calculated based on the new pay structure, it will result in a number of employees gaining annual leave entitlement, and a small number of employees (fewer than 20) with reduced entitlement. If your annual leave entitlement decreases as a direct result of the Future Workforce programme, your current annual leave entitlement will be protected for 2 years from October 2022.
  • Payroll date – from Dec 2022, pay in the month of December will be paid on the last working day of the month instead of the last banking day before Christmas.