Family Safeguarding for Children in Care Programme 2022

We’ve got a role for you if you are passionate about:

  • Empowering birth families and their extended networks
  • Helping children achieve the best outcomes
  • Being at the forefront of new developments in children’s social care


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Apply for a variety of new jobs that include working closely with children and families with exciting opportunities.



Our Vision 

Our new trailblazing social care programme is all about family.

“All I have ever wanted was to go and live back home with my family”

Hertfordshire’s Family Safeguarding model was highlighted in the recent National Care Review.

We are now investing in an extension of this model so we can achieve the best we can for our looked after children.  We want to reunite more children in care with their families, where this would be safe, secure and in their best interests.

“We wouldn’t want to work in any other way” - current Family Safeguarding social worker

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What we're looking for

We will be recruiting for the following roles:

  • Adolescent practitioners who will support teenagers in care and their families
  • Life coaches who will support families whose children are in care
  • Rapid Response practitioners who will provide short term support to teenagers and their families
  • Trauma informed specialists who will work with families and children in care to help them deal with trauma
  • Fostering outreach practitioners who will support foster carers
  • Specialist adult practitioners in mental health, domestic abuse and substance misuse who will support families whose children are in care