The East of England Apprenticeship Challenge 2019

Posted: 2nd July 2019

The East of England Apprenticeship Challenge 2019 was held on Thursday 27 June at Longfield Herts Fire and Rescue. Leading to the Local Government Apprentice of the Year award event

The event was designed to give attendees a range of enhanced knowledge, skills and positive outcomes such as:

  • Building partnerships with relevant organisations or individuals in a variety of different settings
  • Developing inter-personal skills when working with colleagues
  • Developing and practising media handling skills, including drafting press releases, social media management and an introduction to direct media interaction
  • Developing and practicing communication and presentation skills
  • Practicing organisational, team building and time management skills
  • Developing resilience to rapidly changing priorities, demands and timescales
  • Lead to one apprentice being named “ Local Government Apprentice of the Year”

It was designed for current or recently qualified (in the last 12 months) level 2 or 3 apprentices working in local government

Based on the Local Authority Challenge developed by Breckland Training Services, this event was designed to give apprentices the chance to experience the opportunities, risks and challenges involved in delivering successful local government services.

We had apprentices there from our adult social care, children's services and resources departments.

Councillor Bob Deering was also in attendance all day and did a welcome speech along with a closing speech before the winner was announced.