What are Hertfordshire County Council’s values and behaviours?

Posted: 25th  June 2018

At Hertfordshire County Council we are citizen focused, which means we deliver services that have positive outcomes for the community, as they are at the centre of everything we do. Working with citizens allows us to shape and design how the services meet their needs and actively listen to the people of Hertfordshire. Respecting the diverse communities and acting on their feedback to ensure they have the best ‘customer journey’.

We know every penny counts, that’s why we use our resources the most effective way possible.  Our aim is to be as efficient and effective in everything we do as well as delivering services at affordable prices. When spending money we question could we do it for less or not at all.

Integrity means we respect and value the diversity of all individuals as well as embracing equality and diversity in everything we do. We are actively committed to working in partnership organisations and certify we are open and honest about what we can be achieved and what can’t be achieved so expectations are managed. 

We aim to get it right the first time and continue to learn from our experiences. We provide joined-up services so we are working as one organisation. We actively seek feedback and accept responsibility for our performance and when mistakes occur we reflect, learn and see how we can do things differently next time to have a more accurate outcome.

Innovation means we embrace change through being creative and taking ownership of what we do. We believe in supporting one another by seeking ideas both internally and externally on how to improve our services the best way.  It’s important to share what we learn and challenge the status quo as well as being open minded to new ideas by recognising the views of others.

Overall our values and behaviours are the following:

  • Citizen focused
  • Every penny counts
  • Integrity
  • Getting it right
  • Innovation
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