Why Jackie became a Foster Carer

Posted: 3rd June 2019

" There was never just one reason to choose fostering. There were 69,000 reasons:  69,000 children and young people in care. I thought I could help make a difference. I thought that I could provide a safe, calm and nurturing home environment. I wanted to make a contribution towards a better, kinder society, and connect with my local community. I have wonderful nieces and nephews that I enjoyed being with, but the time had never been right to have children myself. Life got in the way. And then I found myself at a crossroads – and I rethought my priorities and how I could contribute most positively to my community.

I worried that I would not be considered because I was single; because I had not had my own children; because I was older – but these were my barriers. These were not barriers for the Hertfordshire fostering team.  I was welcomed and began to realise that I had valuable experience, life skills, an eagerness to learn and develop, a desire to help make a difference to the lives and futures of some our most vulnerable children. And I had love, the capacity to hold a space in my heart for the challenges and tears that might follow, and the joy and hope that comes from fostering. " - Jackie (Foster Carer)

Baby and Mother Hands