Adult social care in Hertfordshire is covered by 2 services:

Works with:

  • Adults aged over 25 (or already settled in adult life).
  • Adults whose primary support need is because of their learning and / or physical disability.
  • Adults with Autism.
  • Adults with drug and alcohol related needs.
  • Carers looking after a disabled adult.

Works with:

  • Adults who are 65 years plus, whose needs relate to older age or multiple long term conditions.
  • Adults with mental health conditions.
  • Adults with sensory needs (via our Sensory Services team).
  • Carers looking after an older person or adult with mental health or sensory needs.

The Adult Disability Service is split into 3 areas:

Adult Disability Community teams

  • Dacorum Locality
  • East Herts Locality
  • Hertsmere Locality
  • North Herts and Stevenage Locality
  • St Albans Locality
  • Watford and Three Rivers Locality
  • Welwyn / Hatfield Locality.

Specialist teams

  • Health Liaison Team, including AIDS & HIV specialist team
  • Community Court of Protection
  • Transforming Care
  • Drug and Alcohol Assessment Team.

Community Solutions

  • Quality and Review
  • Service planning
  • Service Finding (including physical disability)
  • Best Value Team
  • Accommodation for Independence
  • Business Support.





Level 2 adult care worker apprenticeship

Looking for a career in social care? Want to support people to get the most out of their life and to help achieve their goals? This apprenticeship could be for you.

What our Community Learning Disability Nurses do

  • Help people get fair access to health care.
  • Meet elderly people's care needs, including dementia support and end of life planning.
  • Encourage people to get annual health checks, flu jabs, blood tests, injections and other procedures.
  • Understand a person's health needs and help to identify undiagnosed needs, then work with health colleagues to address them.
  • Manage mental health issues and look at how they relate to physical health.
  • Help people to manage their epilepsy.
  • Support people through the transition from children's to adult health services.

Supported Living and Short Breaks

These services offer 24 hour care and support to adults with a learning disability who either live in their own homes as housing association tenants or access the service for a short break. Many of the people we support have additional needs ranging from physical disabilities to mental health issues.

Day Services

We have day services all over Hertfordshire. You'll find different services for adults with physical or learning disabilities, mental health problems, dementia or for older people.