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Myth busting

"The library is too quiet"
Our busy events and activities are equally as important as quiet study space. There’s time and space for everyone in the library.

"I prefer computers to books"
Great! You could be helping people access the internet and our online resources, running a code club, promoting the library on social media…technology is very much in the heart of libraries. Have you seen our CreatorSpaces?

"The library is for young people / old people / not for me"
Truth is: the library is for everyone. We want individuals who are representative of our communities.

"Don’t you need a qualification or something?"
No. There are opportunities at every level and our staff come from all walks of life, with a wide range of skills to meet our modern library offer. If you enjoy working with people, books and technology, libraries are a great career choice. And we’ll support your professional development through training.